VIBE Blackair 6×9 Speakers


  • The speaker is engineered such as to get perfect integration between the woofer and the tweeter. The woofer using a Honeycomb fibreglass cone combined with a polyurethane surround gives a sharp, precise and reference quality sound. The BlackAir range is an extremely musical speaker and unfailingly accurate in their performance. The dome tweeters are engineered such that they can keep up with and match the woofer perfectly and inherently with this has a very high power handling.

    These speakers deliver reference quality sound helping you to produce razor sharp detail within your system. They provide exceptional sound delivered without any limitations. The BlackAir is the studio speaker designed for the car.


    • Tri Axial 3-Way 6×9″ Speakers
    • Ultra high quality woven Honeycomb fibreglass cone
    • High powered woofer and tweeter engineered to work harmony
    • SPEEDBASS Polyurethane surround keeps the bass fast
    • New VIBE angular torsion alloy cast basket
    • 6×9″
    • 175w RMS Power Handling
    • 525w Max Power Handling
    • 90dB Sensitivity
    • Frequency Response 50 – 20,000Hz
    • 4ohm
    • Mounting Depth 93mm

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