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Midbass guide to Genre specific systems

Midbass teamed up with FAST CAR again to provide the technical knowledge to guide users through the correct products to use for different genres of music. It stands to reason that a setup designed for playing drum and bass should be different from that designed to play rock music. Different genres emphasise different frequencies in the audible spectrum; a deep groove from a drum and bass song will play at a different frequency to a bass line in a pop tune. It makes sense to design your installation with your favoured music in mind. Listening to Stormzy is different to listening to Ed Sheeran.

Using Midbass products as an example, the article details the correct type of speaker and subwoofer to use for 5 different musical styles as a good introduction to designing your own system.

FAST CAR sound of music august 2016 1

























FAST CAR sound of music august 2016 2




























FAST CAR sound of music august 2016 3




























FAST CAR sound of music august 2016 4




























FAST CAR sound of music august 2016 5





Midbass Enclosures in FAST CAR Magazine

The Midbass range of enclosures were featured in FAST CAR magazine’s Technical section in the UK in July. Our active and passive boxes were used to help explain the technical differences between the different types of enclosure available on the market.

The article explains why a subwoofer needs the correct volume of air in an enclosure and outlines the benefits of both active and passive boxes. There is also a nice explanation of sealed, ported and bandpass boxes for beginners.

FAST CAR enclosures july 2016 1


























FAST CAR enclosures july 2016_02




























FAST CAR enclosures july 2016_03









Vibe Speakers in FAST CAR magazine UK

The Vibe speaker range was featured in FAST CAR magazine in the UK in their ‘How it works’ section. The article explains how a speaker is constructed and why a lower specification speaker is cheaper than a higher cost alternative. Taking the full Vibe range as an example, the article then list the benefits of each speaker. The Vibe R&D team was happy to explain the features of each of our speakers and to put the more technical jargon into layman’s terms! Great stuff for the beginners out there!